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Liberi passi in piazzale Bacone.

Milano, Italy. 2019-ongoing.

AXO_uscita scuola.jpg
AXO_teatrino_festa scuola.jpg

Tactical urbanism proposal for a new safe and common space in piazzale Bacone, Milano. Italy.

Piazze aperte in ogni quartiere organized by Comune di Milano.

Project proposal led by arch. Nicola Brembilla (HYPNOS studio) with Cecilia di Gaddo (Non Riservato) and our contribution.

The whole proposal was signed by Non Riservato, I Bacconiani - Associazione genitori Scuola Bacone, Comitato Genitori Scuola Santa Caterina da Siena Milano, Nicola Brembilla (HYPNOS studio), winwinoffice, neighbors associations, local commercial activities and many individuals. 

With the support of Municipio 3. 

We were very happy to contribute to this project with a critical analysis of the many existing aspects that create uncertainty in the surroundings of the schools near piazzale Bacone and we hope the next steps to be developed to try to create, at least as a temporary experiment, a more human neighborhood. 

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