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adjective [ before noun ]

A win-win situation or result is one that is good for everyone who is involved.

winwinoffice is an architecture and urban design collaborative office founded in 2017 and currently based in Milan, Italy, with a nomadic attitude. 


Luigi Costamagna - architect - born in Perugia, Italy.  

Celia Cardona Cava - architect - born in Valencia, Spain.

We enjoy working with people from different fields.


Since 2017, have collaborated with us:

Paula C. Godoy Gutiérrez (architect and interior designer)

Alessandro Talò (architect and visualizer)

Lorenzo Giampietro (3d artist and visualizer)

Gabriele Cagini (economist)

Andrea Tancetti (physicist and cycling mobility passionate)

Non Riservato (APS) - Irina Suteu, Cecilia Di Gaddo

Nicola Brembilla (architect - HYPNOS studio)

Gianluca Pulacini (architect)

Laura Cavelli (architect and photographer)

Samy El Bachir Mounjid (architect)

Emma Josephine Balzarolo (architecture student)

Carola Tosoni (architect)

Luca Stagnoli (architect)


Since September 2020, winwinoffice takes part in the collective Building Together, a group of professionals in the field of architecture who share a way of doing things, of working, to build a better community.


47Nord15Ost: Graz (Austria). 2019

1st Prize. Europan 15


© photos: Thomas Raggam

Giardini Condivisi, Gubbio (Italy). 2018 
Honorable Mention. International Ideas Competition for urban regeneration in the outskirts of Gubbio.





Europan 15 Austria - Productive Cities 2. July 2020

Publication edited by Europan Austria, published by Park Books, with all the Europan 15 winners in Austrian sites. 

AV Proyectos. April 2020

AV Proyectos 97 - THAM & VIDEGÅRD.

Article about Europan 15 Spanish Winners - 47Nord15Ost - page 41.

Europan Team Portrait. April 2020

Interview with our team on the Europan Europe website.

Blog Europan España. February 2020

Article about winwinoffice and Europan winning project in Graz.

Beta Architecture. January 2020

Europan 15 Winner Project in Graz: 47Nord15ost

Rotary Club Gubbio. June 2018.

Catalog of the proposals for the International Ideas Competition in Gubbio (IT).


February 2020. Europan Austria Exhibition in Haus der Architektur in Graz (AT).

HDA exhibition.jpg

© photos: Thomas Raggam

Captura de pantalla 2020-01-14 a las 15.

April 2019. Exhibition of the proposals for the Sommer Pavilion International Ideas Competition in Jardim da Parada, Cascais, (PT).

© Credits: Susana Ventura

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