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47NORD15OST, Graz, Austria. 2019. EUROPAN15 WINNER. 

Team leaders:

Luigi Costamagna + Celia Cardona Cava


Alessandro Talò (architectural visualizer)

Lorenzo Giampietro (architectural visualizer)

Paula C. Godoy Guitiérrez (architect)

Gabriele Cagini (economist)

Freeing up soil,

through the densification of factories.


Make this density increase efficient through the creation of synergies between already established companies and those to come, going towards a circular economy model.

“Layout the field” with punctual actions; making the freed surface accessible, attractive, and safe to the public, in order to attract citizens who can experience the 3’R culture, to make them participate together, with all the characters who are working for the development of the city.

To do this, give simple, open, and adaptive rules, that can bend to the needs of stakeholders; “resilient” rules that can actively respond to any economic, social, political, and climate variation. With the aim of re-generating a piece of the city, creating identity to introduce a shared, mature, and democratic way of life.

© Alessandro Talò

47NORD15OST_Ground Floor.jpg
47NORD15OST_Interior Render.jpg

© Lorenzo Giampietro

process - june 2019

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